[Como Estan Bitchas?] (rhym3_n_r3ason) wrote in the_umd_team,
[Como Estan Bitchas?]

Rise and Shine

I may of left LJ but UMD is still here.

Oh you thought we just faded away with time but you were wrong.

UMD (Pat and I) are still here and ready to kick some ass.

We have our first Clan Match tonight at Mike's house vs a bunch of different teams from CBNA inculding Steve and Mike.

Pat and I are kind of the underdogs here cuz we've only played Halo 2 for about a week but we're going to give them one hell of a time trying to go for the win if anything.

If we win we get w/e money is in the pot and I get to laugh at steve everytime I see him for braging about his "Skills".

- The_m3xican
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